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How Does it Work?

Set your Crendentials

Tell us who you are; link to your online profiles and set the techinical skills that you will screen for.

Set your Rate

List the flat rate that you want to be paid. will add a small percentage on top before billing the Employer.

Set your Availability

List your availability and let Employers know when you are available to conduct phone screenings.

Perform Tech Screens

Once an employer has booked you for a screening, will provide you and the candidate with a toll free number to conduct the call.

Get Paid!

After the screening is complete, fill out the feedback form and wait for your check to arrive!

Find Professionals

Search professionals available for tech screenings by skill, availability and rate.

Schedule a Screening

Tell us about the candidate, the specific technologies and/or assemements that you want and then book the screening.

Review the Feedback

Following the screening, will send you the feedback required from the interviewers for the session.

Rate the Interviewer

Give your feedback on the quality and contentness of the screening.

Study, Be Prepared

Just like a test in school, make sure that you have studied and are prepared for the screening. will send you a notification as soon as the screening is booked and will remind the day of.

Get Screened will send you a toll free number to call, connecting you with an interviewer.


The hard work is over, go grab a beer!

Why connects industry professionals with Organizations to help screen their candidates.

Technical screenings can often be time consuming, costly and frustrating if you don't have a trusted professional to conduct them.

Many times Organizations are left with the robotic, memory-driven online tests to help screen their candidates. These mechanical tests can't measure the human qualities of candidate that matter most when finding the right fit.